Abinvivo Overview

Abinvivo Overview

About Abinvivo

Abinvivo, launched in Mar, 2022, is a new brand from Biointron Biological Inc., aiming to provide tools for antibody-based drug research studies. It provides the most comprehensive positive control antibodies (biosimilar antibodies), negative control antibodies from various animal sources, as well as fusion proteins with proven activity.

Founded in 2012,Biointron is committed to provide high quality and economic recombinant protein/antibody reagents. Biointron has passed the ISO9001:2015 system certification and the implementation of the two-informatization integration system standard. Biointron has global licensing rights of ECACC licensed CHO-K1 cell, it can provide the development of high-expression stable cell lines, PD small-scale process optimization and host cell licensing. It also has a large number of spot and activity-verified in vivo experimental drug control antibodies and other products.

  • Biosimilar Control

  • Isotype Control

  • Anti Mouse

  • Fusion Proteins