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Antibody Humanization

Antibody Humanization

Recombinant antibody technologies are rapidly becoming available and showing considerable clinical success. However, murine monoclonal antibodies may induce immunogenic responses, potentially limiting their application for humans. Humanized antibodies can overcome these problems and are considered to be a promising alternative therapeutic agent.

BioIntron can provide antibody humanization service based on the CDR grafting and back mutation platform.

Our Advantages

Affinity Guaranteed
Affinity Guaranteed

(comparable to parental antibody / no cost if fail to reach the guaranteed affinity)

Fast Gurnaround Time
Fast Gurnaround Time

(as short as 4-5 weeks to obtain humanized antibody) 

Extensive Experience And Strong Expertise
Extensive Experience And Strong Expertise

(10+years in humanized antibody design / produce 20,000 antibodies)

Antibody Humanization Working Flowchart

Antibody Humanization Working Flowchart

Antibody Humanization Service Detail

Service StepService DescriptionTimelinePrice(USD)Deliverable

Design of humanized antibody

Bioinformatics analysis

3D structure modeling and identification of back mutations

Human germlines selection

In silico CDR-grafting

Sequence optimization

~2-3 daysInquiry

Designed humanized antibody sequences

Humanized antibody recombinant production variants 9 to 25

Codon optimization and gene synthesis

Subcloning into expression vector

Transient expression


QC analysis

2 weeks

Purified humanized antibody samples for in house test

Affinity Ranking

Affinity Determination with soluble antigen via Biacore 8K

~1 week

Detailed report