Naïve Human Library

(currently only available for China territory)

Naïve Human Library

Human antibody libraries can be made in virtually any display system. Phage display is the most widely used method for de novo discovery of human antibodies.

BioIntron has used its own Phage Display platform to generate a naïve human scFv library. The library is constructed to use multiple “naïve” donors to increase the diversity and capacity. It can help biotech/biopharma to screening their potential antibody drug.

Our Advantages

High Affinity
High Affinity

(Multiple rounds panning to obtain high affinity antibodies being in the picomolar range)

High Diversity & Large Capacity
High Diversity & Large Capacity

(Thousands PBMC sample for library generation / Library Capacity to 10^10 )

Guarantee To Provide 3+ Unique Binders
Guarantee To Provide 3+ Unique Binders

(combined solid phase and liquid phase panning methods)

Naïve Human Library Working Flowchart

Naïve Human Library Working Flowchart

Naïve Human scFv Library Screening Service Detail

Service StepService DescriptionTimelineDeliverable

Antigen preparation or Antigen validation

Antigen express by BioIntron in Mammalian system

Antigen provided by client

2-3 weeks

Purified antigen protein (expression by BioIntron)

scFv Library Screening with Coated Antigen

Coat well with protein antigen and incubate with phage library

Wash way non-binders

Elute binders

ELISA to determine specificity of binding(repeat screening for 3-5 rounds)

4-5 weeks

Biopanning and screening report 

Antibody Characterization

Sequencing for the positive binders

Sequencing analysis

Transient expression 

Affinity Ranking by Biocore T200

1 week

VH and VL sequence obtain from the scFv library 

Affinity Ranking report

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