HTP Recombinant Antibody/VHH Production

HTP Recombinant Antibody/VHH Production

As a result of the advances in antibody discovery technologies in hybridoma, display libraries, Single B-cell sorting/sequencing and computational modeling, thousands of mAbs have been generated in antibody discovery campaigns. To rapidly find “best-in-class” antibody therapeutics, it has become essential to develop high throughput (HTP) processes that allow rapid assessment of antibodies for functional and molecular properties.

BioIntron has developed a high throughput (HTP) platform to offer our customers the flexibility to rapidly express a large number of antibodies at various scale in HEK293/CHO cell.

Our Advantages

Fast Turnaround Time
Fast Turnaround Time

(Only 2 weeks from gene synthesis to purified antibody)

Amount Guaranteed
Amount Guaranteed

(up to mg level / no antibody no charge)

Competitive Price
Competitive Price

(starting from $599/rAb including gene synthesis)

HTP Recombinant Antibody/VHH Production Working Flowchart

HTP Recombinant Antibody/VHH Production Working Flowchart

HTP Recombinant Antibody/VHH Production Service Detail

Service Step Service Description Timeline Price(USD) Deliverable

Gene synthesis and cloning

Codon optimization and gene synthesis

Subcloning into an expression vector

Plasmid amplification and preparation

1 weeks


Expression plasmid contain GOI

Purified antibody (SDS-PAGE>95%, endotoxin level <1EU/mg, including SEC-HPLC detection)

CoA report

Transient expression & purification

Transfection of mammalian cells

Transient expression and purification


Case Study: Anti-PD1 Antibody Small Scale Expression

SEC-HPLC Detection Result

Lane M: Marker Lane 1: Non-Reducing Lane 2:Reducing

SEC-HPLC Detection Result


Expression result
Yield (mg/L) SDS-PAGE % SEC-HPLC% Endotoxin(EU/mg) Timeline
459 >95% 99.3%
<1EU/mg 14 days