Company Overview

About Biointron

Founded in 2012,Biointron is committed to providing high quality and economic recombinant protein/antibody reagents and to be most reliable CRO vendor for life science researchers and biopharma companies. Biointron now has over 400 employees and over 14,600 M2 production area. We have served nearly 1,000 biotech/biopharma companies around the world. In 2020 alone, we delivered tens of thousands of recombinant antibodies to our customers.

What we offer:

· High-throughput recombinant antibody production --- Purified antibodies can be delivered in 2 weeks
· Large scale recombinant antibody production --- gram level completed within 3 weeks.
· Bispecific antibody production --- any format can be customized, tens of thousands of BsAb has been delivered. 
· Commercial sublicense of CHOK1BN cell line --- ECACC licensed CHO-K1 cell, one-time Sublicense Fee For Multiple Products
· VHH library development --- Unique Binders Guaranteed, self-owned Alpaca Breeding Base; 
· Antibody humanization --- Base on back mutation and CDR grafting, affinity guaranteed
· Hybridoma sequencing --- 1 week, guaranteed 100% Sequence Accuracy
· Catalog products --- Research Grade Biosimilar Antibody, Isotype Control Antibody, etc.