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Company Overview

About Biointron

Founded in 2012,Biointron is committed to providing high quality and economic recombinant protein/antibody reagents and to be most reliable CRO vendor for life science researchers and biopharma companies. Biointron now has over 700 employees. We have served nearly 1,000 biotech/biopharma companies around the world. As of now, we have delivered over a hundred thousand recombinant antibodies to our valued customers.

What we offer:

· High-throughput recombinant antibody production --- Purified antibodies can be delivered in 2 weeks
· Large scale recombinant antibody production --- gram level completed within 3 weeks.
· Bispecific antibody production --- any format can be customized, tens of thousands of BsAb has been delivered. 
· Commercial sublicense of CHOK1BN cell line --- ECACC licensed CHO-K1 cell, one-time Sublicense Fee For Multiple Products
· VHH library development --- Unique Binders Guaranteed, self-owned Alpaca Breeding Base; 
· Antibody humanization --- Base on back mutation and CDR grafting, affinity guaranteed
· Hybridoma sequencing --- 1 week, guaranteed 100% Sequence Accuracy
· Catalog products --- Research Grade Target Positive Antibody,  Isotype Negative Antibody, etc.