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AbExplorer Referral Program

Enjoy 25% off for Antibody Expression

If you are a current customer who worked with us previously, refer a friend* to our AbExplorer Referral Program. Both you and your friend will receive 25% off on antibody expression services. For new customers, contact us directly to find out if you are qualified for this special discount!

This offer allows you to share the high-quality services of Biointron with your network, while also enjoying a substantial discount on your subsequent project. Take part in our referral program today and enjoy the benefits of sharing and saving together with the Biointron team.

*Validate candidate needs to be from a different organization/department.

Option 1

Step 1. Fill out the form below on this website page.

Step 2. Our expert on expression service will contact you and the referred person soon to communicate the details of your expression needs, and give you a direct discount upon your purchase.

Step 3. Once they make an order, then both of you will automatically receive a 25% discount on your orders.

Option 2

For new customers, contact us at
info@biointron.com or +1 (732) 515 - 4766
to receive the discount directly.

* Biointron reserves all the rights for the final explanation of this promotional campaign

* This program is only available outside of Mainland China

* Available from September 2023 - December 2023

Technical Details and Highlights

Timeline: 2 weeks delivery

QC: 95% purity

Service Options

AbExplorer - Share the Savings!

Referred candidate needs to be from a different organization/department