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AbExplorer Rewards

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You can enjoy 10% off on your discovery & optimization projects

At Biointron, we value our customers and partners. With this AbExplorer Rewards Program, you can now enjoy a fantastic 10% off on your new antibody discovery & optimization related projects.

Our commitment is to provide top-quality services, and with this AbExplorer Rewards, we're making it even more effective and efficient to access our innovative solutions. Start saving now with us and let Biointron team empowers your projects.

1. Fill out the form below on this website page.

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3. Alternatively, contact us directly at info@biointron.com or +1 (732) 515 - 4766. We will follow up on your request shortly.

* Biointron reserves all the rights for the final explanation of this promotional campaign

* This program is only available outside of Mainland China

* Available from September 2023 - December 2023

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