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We specialize in antibody production and discovery – dedicating ourselves to advancing human health and promoting sustainability with more than 10 years of experience. We offer premium solutions at competitive rates, all anchored in our commitment to a brighter and healthier future.

Founded in 2012 and certified to ISO 9001:2015, Biointron is a CRO specializing in antibody discovery, optimization, and expression services for global biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Biointron holds a leading position in the antibody expression industry. From gene sequence to purified antibodies, it only takes 2 weeks. We have delivered over ten thousand of recombinant antibodies for more than 1,500 biotech and pharma companies worldwide.

We provide a one-stop solution for antibody discovery and optimization – including VHH antibody discovery, single B-cell antibody screening, hybridoma sequencing, antibody humanization, antibody affinity maturation, and more.

Additionally, Biointron holds global sublicensing rights for ECACC's CHO-K1. Our CHOK1BN cell line, which is derived from CHOK1, has been filed in the DMF system with the US FDA. By choosing the CHOK1BN cell line, several partners’ projects have entered the multicenter international clinical trials successfully.

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We push the boundaries of biotechnology through cutting-edge research, a commitment to excellence, a strong work ethic, and the most efficient delivery in the market. We are committed to advancing the field of biotechnology through innovative research and development – with the ultimate goal of improving human health and well-being.



We help our clients accelerate their drug discovery efforts and bring novel antibody-based therapeutics to market by delivering groundbreaking products and solutions that address the most pressing health challenges of our time.

Core Values

Customer centricity

We deliver exceptional customer service. Meeting our customer's needs and exceeding their expectations is essential to building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, we aim to grow our strong and positive reputation in our industry, foster long-term loyalty, and achieve sustained success.

Dedication to excellence

We strive for the highest quality standards, the most innovative approaches, and the most efficient processes in order to deliver life-changing solutions for our customers.

Passion for the work

We are a team of hard-working, dedicated individuals who believe that our success is directly tied to our willingness to work tirelessly to achieve our shared goals while constantly innovating and improving.

Respect for all stakeholders

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards for the industry, the community, and our environment. We believe that integrity, honesty, and respect for others are essential for building trust with our customers and partners, maintaining a positive reputation, and fulfilling our social responsibility.


Services We Offer

  • High-Throughput Recombinant Antibody Production

    Purified antibodies delivered in 2 weeks.

  • Large Scale Recombinant Antibody Production

    Milligram to gram levels within 4 weeks.

  • Bispecific Antibody Production

    Most formats can be customized, and thousands of bsAbs have been delivered.

  • Commercial Sublicense of CHOK1BN Cell Line

    ECACC licensed, with a one-time sublicense fee for multiple products.

  • VHH Antibody Discovery

    Unique binders guaranteed from a self-owned alpaca breeding base.

  • Antibody humanization

    Based on back mutation and CDR grafting, with affinity guaranteed.

  • Hybridoma sequencing

    Delivered in 1 week, with a guaranteed 100% sequence accuracy.

  • Catalog products

    Research-grade target positive antibodies, isotype negative antibodies, anti-mouse antibodies, and fusion proteins.

Services We Offer

History Timeline



We are on our way towards an IPO on the A-share market



Raised 500 million CNY in Series B financing

Received the title of Shanghai Specialized, Fine, Peculiar, and Innovative (SFPI) Enterprise



Raised nearly 100 million yuan in Series A financing

Received the honorary title of “Little Giant of Science and Technology" from Shanghai



Global Deployment

Founded a wholly-owned subsidiary in New Jersey, USA



Obtained the Chinese National High-tech Enterprise title and ISO9001 Quality System Certification

Expanded into the international market



Raised ten million CNY in angel round of financing

Established a high-yield stable cell line development platform



Fully entered the field of antibody drug research and antibody development outsourcing



Founded in China Medical City Incubator

ased in the field of genetic engineering and protein development

Our Responsibilities

We hold a deep awareness of our pivotal role in reshaping the biotechnology landscape, with a special focus on antibody production and discovery. Our responsibilities go beyond merely expediting the swift and efficient development of antibody drugs. We are fully committed to managing the ethical, societal, and environmental implications that arise from our endeavors.

We ensure that our research and development practices adhere to the highest standards of safety and efficacy, enabling our partners to accelerate the delivery of innovative, life-saving treatments to patients. Biointron is firmly grounded in the principles of transparency, sustainability, and community support, which not only inform our daily actions but also guide our long-term strategies.

Biointron Family
We strive to give back more than we receive, advancing not just medicine, but humanity and the planet as a whole.

Global Presence

New Jersey , USA

New Jersey, USA

20 Bridge Street,
New Jersey, 08840, USA

New Jersey , USA

Nanjing, CHINA

Youzhi Building,
Jiangning District,
Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

New Jersey , USA

Shanghai, CHINA


No.1-9 Lane 99, Shenmei Road,
Pudong New District,
Shanghai, China

New Jersey , USA

Taizhou, CHINA

G122 building,
china Medical City,
Taizhou, Jiangsu, China

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