RushMab® - Small Scale Expression Packages RushMab® - Small Scale Expression Packages

Small-Scale Packages-RushMab®

Antibody Production
  • RushMab® - Super
  • RushMab® - Mini
  • RushMab® - Standard


These packages are designed to offer cost-effective, time-saving solutions to meet small-scale rush needs in as fast as 8 days, with a sizable production capability for more than 5K samples.

RushMab® - Small Scale Expression Packages Overview

RushMab® - Super (24/96-well plate)

RushMab® - Super, is a breakthrough package in Biointron's newly launched service. This high-efficiency service provides 1 ml supernatant along with expression plasmids as deliverables. The production can be completed in as few as 8 days, with titer detection as the standard QC.

  • Production Timeline:
    8 Days
  • 1 ml Supernatant,
    Expression Plasmids
  • Titer Detection

RushMab® - Mini

RushMab® - Mini, focus on rapid turnaround and quality, this package provides you with no less than 100 ug of purified antibody and expression plasmids, this package provides you with no less than 100 ug of purified antibody and expression plasmids within 10 days. As with all our services, quality assurance is paramount. The default QC for RushMab® - Mini includes detailed SDS-PAGE and SEC-HPLC analyses to ensure you receive premium, reliable products.

  • Production Timeline:
    10 Days
  • ≥100 ug Purified Antibody,
    Expression plasmids

RushMab® - Standard

RushMab® - Standard, an integral part of our newly launched Small Scale Packages, specifically designed for speed and precision. This package offers you more than 1 mg of purified antibody and accompanying expression plasmids, with a complete production timeline of 10 days. We prioritize quality assurance, with the default QC offering including SDS-PAGE and SEC-HPLC analyses, and an endotoxin level guaranteed to be less than 1 EU/mg.

  • Production Timeline:
    10 Days
  • ≥1 mg Purified Antibody,
    Expression Plasmids
    endotoxin <1EU /mg


  • What are the applications for supernatants?

    Cell culture supernatants can be used in various assays which do not require purified antibodies. These may include Western blotting or ELISA.

    Biointron also provides the expression plasmids used to produce specific antibodies, as it contains the genetic code necessary for a cell to produce them. This can be used, for instance, in a host mammalian or bacterial cell for genetic engineering purposes in fields such as molecular biology and biotechnology.

  • What quality assurance measures does Biointron take?

    Biointron uses titer detection, SDS-PAGE, SEC-HPLC, and endotoxin measurements for quality control.

    • Titer detection allows for the determination of antibody concentration within the supernatant.
    • SDS-PAGE (Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis) allows for high resolution separation of complex mixtures of proteins, confirming that the antibodies have the expected molecular weight.
    • SEC-HPLC (Size-Exclusion Chromatography with High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) is useful for characterization based on molecule size and shape, allowing for detection and quantification of impurities, aggregates, and fragments within the antibody sample.
    • Endotoxin measurements below 1 EU/mg is an important specification for safety, especially for therapeutic applications, as high levels are harmful to the human body.

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