Hybridoma Sequencing

Hybridoma Sequencing

Hybridoma technology has greatly in speeding up antibody drug discovery process. However, hybridoma cell line has its own disadvantages, such as contamination, low yield and storage space limitation. Hybridoma sequencing can overcome these disadvantages and it can also prevent the lost hybridoma cell line. Your candidate antibody can always be manufactured via recombinant expression after sequencing with mammalian cells, such as HEK/CHO.

BioIntron can provide a quick and professional hybridoma sequencing to get monoclonal antibody sequence for our customers. BioIntron’s HTP rAb expression platform can also help our client to expression the candidate antibody in only 2 weeks after obtaining the sequence.

Our Advantages

Competitive Price
Competitive Price

($600 for variable region sequencing)

Fast Turnaround Time
Fast Turnaround Time

(1 week to deliver sequencing result after receiving hybridoma cell line)

Guaranteed 100% Sequence Accuracy
Guaranteed 100% Sequence Accuracy

(cross verified with 5 independent clones)

Hybridoma Sequencing Working Flowchart

Hybridoma Sequencing Working Flowchart

Hybridoma Sequencing Service Detail

Service StepService DescriptionTimelinePriceDeliverable

Hybridoma to sequence

variable domain sequencing

1 week


Final sequence report with CDR annotated

Sequence data

Sequencing plasmids containing antibody coding sequence

Hybridoma sequencing to purified recombinant antibody

30ml volume recombinant Ab expression & one-step purification

3 weeksInquiry

Sequence data

Purified Antibody (SDS-PAGE>95%, endotoxin level <1EU/mg, including SEC-HPLC detection)

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