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FatiAbGen and Biointron Announce a Strategic Alliance in Korea

Biointron 2024-03-15 Read time: 3 mins

Shanghai, March 6, 2024 – Biointron is proud to announce a strategic partnership with FatiAbGen, a leading biotechnology firm focused on antibody-based therapeutics.

As the newly appointed Korean distributor for Biointron, FatiAbGen will be at the forefront of delivering Biointron’s products to the Korean market.


This collaboration will be spearheaded by FatiAbGen’s top executives: CEO JayJay Lee, CSO Jungchae Lim, CFO Michael Kyung, Department Head Kwangho Jung, and Team Leader Jiyoun Kim. The Biointron side of the partnership will be led by the CEO, Changchun Zha, and other team members.


Following the contract signing, FatiAbGen was invited to a comprehensive orientation that included an extensive tour of Biointron's state-of-the-art center and a detailed training program tailored to empower the Korean representatives with extensive knowledge and understanding of Biointron’s product portfolio.

This partnership is a significant leap towards dominating the Korean market. The agreement signifies a promise of mutual growth and confidence that FatiAbGen’s team is equipped to represent Biointron’s innovative products with expertise. Both companies view this alliance as a proactive approach to fostering innovation and expanding market reach in the dynamic landscape of the Korean biotech industry.

About FatiAbGen:

FatiAbGen focuses on discovering and developing innovative monoclonal antibody-based therapy for the treatment of various cancers, immunological disorders, and infectious diseases. We want to pursue open innovation with external collaboration and expand platform technologies as well as pipelines to become a global leader.

About Biointron:

Biointron is a leading high-throughput recombinant antibody/protein expression and discovery service provider. From gene sequence to purified antibodies, it just takes 2 weeks. Biointron has delivered tens of thousands of recombinant antibodies for more than 1,500 biotech and pharma companies all over the world.

For more information on the partnership, please contact:

info@biointron.com or +1 (732) 790 - 8340

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