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Biointron x CAS Webinar: Innovative Multiple Tech & Platforms Empower Antibody Discovery

Biointron 2023-12-15

Talk Title: Innovative Multiple Tech & Platforms Empower Antibody Discovery

Speaker: Dr.Long Xu, Director, R&D at Biointron

Biointron is thrilled to announce our upcoming collaborative webinar with the Chinese Antibody Society, set to take place on September 16th from 9-10 PM EST (September 17th 9-10 AM GMT+8).  

The webinar features our speaker, Dr. Long Xu, Director of R&D at Biointron. Dr. Xu will dive into the intriguing subject of "Innovative Multiple Tech & Platforms Empower Antibody Discovery", offering valuable insights into the field of antibody discovery. This is a unique opportunity for professionals, academics, and anyone interested in antibody development to deepen their understanding of this critical area.  

Topic: Innovative Multiple Tech & Platforms Empower Antibody Discovery


Over the past two decades, antibody drugs have seen remarkable success, with antibody-based blockbuster drugs increasingly capturing market share year after year. 

However, the field of antibody discovery still faces significant hurdles, including poor tissue permeability, challenges in module coupling, and issues with immunogenicity. To tackle these problems, this presentation explores the use of VHH antibodies as a promising solution. We'll walk you through a comprehensive case study, from initial antibody discovery to functional assays, antibody optimization, and all the way to application. There are also additional case studies that demonstrate how to apply new technologies and platforms to solve common problems in antibody discovery.

Speaker Bio

Dr.Long Xu earned his undergraduate degree from Nanjing University in China and completed his PhD at Boston University in the United States. 

With over a decade of experience, Dr. Xu worked at Washington University in St. Louis, Lighting Research Center, and other internationally renowned institutions. His research spans multiple disciplines within life sciences and health, including DNA damage and repair, DNA photoreactivation, lighting and health, etc.  

In 2022, he joined the Biointron team, focusing on the establishment of various high-quality antibody technology platforms, and dedicated to the discovery, optimization, and application research of antibodies.

About Biointron

Founded in 2012 and certified with ISO 9001:2015, Biointron is a CRO specializing in antibody discovery, expression, and optimization services for biotech/pharmaceutical companies. 

Biointron holds a leading position in the antibody expression service industry. From gene sequence to purified antibodies, our production only takes 2 weeks. We have delivered tens of thousands of recombinant antibodies for more than 1,200 biotech and pharma companies worldwide. 

We provide a one-stop solution for antibody discovery and optimization – offering services like VHH antibody development, hybridoma sequencing, antibody humanization, antibody affinity maturation, single B-cell antibody screening, and more. 

Additionally, Biointron holds global re-licensing rights for ECACC's CHO-K1. Our CHOK1BN cell strain has been filed in the US FDA’s DMF system and meets international multi-center trial standards, with projects already in advanced clinical stages successfully.

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