Resources Blog 4th Fc-Mediated Function Summit 2024 – Boston: Event Recap

4th Fc-Mediated Function Summit 2024 – Boston: Event Recap

Biointron 2024-04-22 Read time: 3 mins


The 4th Fc-Mediated Function Summit 2024 was held in Boston, MA from April 17-18, and focused on discussions supercharging FcRn, FcγR, and IgG to advance molecular development, clinical utility, and novel therapeutic applications. During the event, industry experts from across the globe gathered to share the latest research in Fc biology insights, including: 

  • Translating Fc Biology Insights to Innovate Drug Design 

  • Fc Receptor Role in IO Drug Development to Transfer in Autoimmunity 

  • Developing Antibody Target Engagement & Fc-Mediated Function 

  • Targeting FcγR - What is the Next Mutation? 

Biointron Summary Report: 

1. Innovative Drug Design 

  • Understanding Fc biology, effector functions, and inhibitors to discover opportunities to improve antibody therapeutics. 

  • Using Fc Factor 8 to activate NK cells for specific targeting of unwanted B-cells.  

  • Showcase of mouse models expressing human Fc receptors as tools for translational assessment of Fc receptor-targeted therapies. 

2. Autoimmunity 

  • Systemic IgA may be exploited for potential novel therapeutics strategies against infectious disease. 

  • Next generation formats like tetravalent bispecific antibodies in the Fc are beneficial for cancer immunotherapy.  

  • The combination of checkpoint blocking and Fc-mediated tumor cell killing can lead to novel cancer therapeutics. 

3. Fc-Mediated Functions  

  • Engineered antibody and albumin molecules with tailored binding and transport properties was discussed. 

  • Evaluation of the main Fc silencing mutations, and what specific needs there are is useful for enhancing diesign optimization. 

4. Targeting FcγR 

  • Using the potential of Fc gamma receptors to tune antibody-based immunotherapy with tailored FcgR-blockade. 

  • PD-1 agonist antibodies rely on the mediated clustering of FcγRs to trigger their sppresive function. 

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth at the 4th Fc-Mediated Function Summit 2024 to learn about our services! We had a fantastic time chatting with you and how it can help you achieve antibody development. Our expert team would be happy to answer any follow-up questions. Feel free to email us at or visit our website at

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