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Single B Cell Screening

Biointron 2024-01-26 Read time: 1 min

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Single B cell screening is a powerful technique for isolating and generating antigen-specific monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). This method, often integrated with high-throughput platforms, allows for efficient detection of antibody secretion and rapid identification of lead clones, thereby accelerating antibody discovery, vaccine design, and the development of targeted therapies. Single B cells are advantageous for its simplicity, as it requires only a small number of cells while maintaining a high efficiency in rapidly obtaining specific mAbs.1

The overall process is as follows:

  1. Immunization: 1-2 months with host species with a specific antigen of interest.

  2. Plasma B cell isolation: Collect antibody-secreting cells from spleen and bone marrow.

  3. Single B cell screening: Protein binding and/or cell-based binding is used to detect and sort positive micro-droplets.

  4. Single-cell sequencing.

  5. High-throughput expression and validation.2

Biointron's high-throughput single B cell screening platform can screen 2*10^6 plasma B-cells from immunized animals. Antigen specific antibody-secreting cells can be isolated, allowing for the detection of potentially rare antibodies and drugs. 


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