Resources Blog Into the Top 2 Universities in China – Biointron Career Fair at Tsinghua University and Peking University

Into the Top 2 Universities in China – Biointron Career Fair at Tsinghua University and Peking University

Biointron 2023-12-11 Read time: 5 mins

After the start of winter, the weather gradually turned cold, and the north wind grew stronger, yet the sunshine was warm, and the smiles were sweet. On November 8-9, 2023, Biointron conducted an "Antibody Discovery - Technical Exchange & Campus Recruitment Presentation" at both Peking University and Tsinghua University. Together with the teachers and students of these two universities, we created warm memories of early winter in Beijing.

Into the Top 2 Universities in China – Biointron Career Fair at Tsinghua University and Peking University

During this university technical exchange and campus recruitment presentation, Biointron aimed to create a zero-distance opportunity by bringing the company "into" the campus to deepen mutual cooperation and understanding.

Lu Haisong, the head of Biointron Biotech's R&D, and Yu Meng, the Chief Scientist, were the main speakers for the technical exchange. They shared insights based on our star service platforms: "Nanobody Library Development and Single B Cell Antibody Development Platform." Furthermore, they introduced Biointron's antibody expression-based services, including hybridoma antibody sequencing, antibody humanization, and antibody affinity maturation. They had expressed that the goal of Biointron is to empower the global antibody industry, striving to become a one-stop solution provider for antibody discovery and optimization.

Biointron has independently developed a new generation nanobody development platform, relying on the industry-leading high-throughput automated mammalian cell expression system. Utilizing single B cell antibody development, phage display platform, and NGS high-throughput sequencing technology, we are able to provide customers with comprehensive services for the research and production based on VHH nanobodies. Additionally, Biointron has established its own alpaca base, offering external services for natural library screening of nanobodies. This method saves about 1.5 months compared to the conventional immunization approach and is suitable for screening low immunogenicity and toxic antigens.

Biointron's single B cell antibody development platform, based on microfluidic technology, offers a higher throughput compared to hybridoma and phage display techniques, especially advantageous for rare antigens or epitopes. Moreover, it ensures a shorter development cycle. On the day of receiving the sample, we can complete the cDNA library construction. In about a week, the paired sequences can be obtained, significantly reducing the overall cycle by at least two months for our clients. This efficiency, coupled with cost-effectiveness, ensures that our service offers exceptional value.

In addition to the technical presentations, Biointron also brought forth opportunities for research and development scientist positions during this event. The recruitment presentation addressed topics of keen interest to students, such as company benefits, career development prospects, and work environment.  Moreover, in conjunction with Biointron's Vlog, a comprehensive and dynamic display of what work and life look like after joining the company was presented, offering a holistic view of the company culture and day-to-day operations.

Into the Top 2 Universities in China – Biointron Career Fair at Tsinghua University and Peking University

After the sharing session, an exchange panel took place, where the atmosphere grew even more vibrant. Teachers and students from Peking University's Medical School engaged in deep discussions about further in-depth cooperation and the current development of the industry. They expressed that the event significantly enhanced their understanding of the antibody drug development industry, which will be beneficial for their future teaching, research, and learning. There was also a strong interest shown in Biointron’s early-stage antibody research technologies and job positions. Moreover, through this presentation, the graduates gained an early insight into professional life, which is expected to assist in planning their future career development.

The event concluded successfully, and Biointron extends heartfelt thanks to all parties for their support of this campus presentation. Our pursuit of high-end talent reflects our commitment to high standards of service and quality. We hope the students find their desired positions at Biointron, bringing them a step closer to their dreams. We also look forward to collaborating with more clients and peers, jointly exploring the flourishing development of the antibody industry.

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