Resources Blog Biologics 2024 – UK: Summary Report and Brief Highlights

Biologics 2024 – UK: Summary Report and Brief Highlights

Biointron 2024-03-19 Read time: 4 mins


Biologics 2024 was held in London, UK, from March 13-15, and featured key opinion leaders, experts, and researchers in pharmaceuticals and biotech as well as academia. The event showcased the latest innovations and technological advancements in biologics discovery and development.

The latest innovations in biologics discovery and development, including:

  • Protein & Antibody Therapeutics

  • Peptides

  • Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs)

  • Cell therapy

  • Gene therapy

  • Sustainability in biologics manufacturing

Biointron Summary Report:

1. Antibody Discovery & Engineering

  • Integration of computational tools & AI/ML into biologics discovery workflows with high-throughput sequencing and screening are revolutionizing therapeutic discovery.

  • Tools like mammalian display have gained traction in antibody engineering due to the ability of mammalian cells to act as a “filter” for good antibodies.

  • Native mass spectrometry was discussed as a powerful tool for characterization in contrast to denatured MS.

  • Discovering novel targets from resilient individuals to develop monoclonal antibodies for hard-to-treat diseases, particularly neurodegeneration, e.g. Alchemab.

2. ADCs’ Therapeutic Potential

  • ~90% percent of cancer patients are still ineligible for approved ADC therapies, highlighting a large unmet clinical need for novel treatments, like OGAP (unique membrane protein expression database) by Oxford BioTherapeutics. 

  • Fc engineering and effector functions of antibodies for enhanced therapeutic function and safety.

3. Emerging Bioanalysis Techniques

  • Metrics for standardized glycoprofiling of biopharmaceuticals that may affect efficacy, clearance, and immunogenicity.

  • Mass photometry is a new bioanalytical technology which characterizes antibodies by directly measuring the mass and relative abundance of individual species as well as the complexes they form in solution.

4. AI & Computational Approaches

  • Platforms like a peptide scaffold-based library for the discovery of protease inhibitors by Genentech.

  • High-throughput protein expression to support reagent generation and AI/ML by GSK.

5. Oligonucleotide Therapeutics

  • New directions for RNA-based drugs such as short oligonucleotides to inhibit the functions of RNA Binding Proteins and optimizing the RNA-protein binding affinities by ETH Zurich.

  • Drug-like properties of oligo-based medicines like cargo (e.g., properties of siRNA) versus carriers (e.g., properties of LNPs).

6. Next-Generation Modalities

  • Multi-specific formats and binders beyond bispecifics like MFG-E8, a first-in-class proprietary bispecific HSA fusion protein to remove dying cells and microparticles to protect microvasculature and organs by Novartis.

  • Next-generation DARPin therapeutics: from small size single-domain radio-DARPin therapeutics to multispecific T-cell engagers were discussed by Molecular Partners.

7. Peptide Therapeutics

  • Long-acting injectables for delivery of peptides by encapsulation of drugs into lipid liquid crystalline (LLC) phases formed by molecular self-assembly by Camurus.

  • Recent efforts to improve oral administration of novel GLP-1 analogues for the treatment of diabetes by Novo Nordisk.

Thank you to all who visited our booth at Biologics 2024 to learn about our services! We had a fantastic time chatting with you and how it can help you achieve antibody development. Our expert team would be happy to answer any follow-up questions. Feel free to email us at or visit our website at

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