Resources Blog Why is speed important with HTP recombinant antibody production?

Why is speed important with HTP recombinant antibody production?

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High-throughput (HTP) recombinant antibody production is the rapid generation of large numbers of recombinant antibodies. Recombinant antibodies are monoclonal antibodies which can be produced in vitro through synthetic genes and antibody fragments, instead of using hybridomas. Here are a few reasons why speed is important:

1. Accelerating Research:

Fast HTP recombinant antibody production enables research to take place more quickly and paves the way towards clinical trials. Demand for antibodies has exponentially risen in recent years due to advancements in fields such as immuno-oncology, personalized medicine, and infectious diseases, and speed is essential to meet these growing demands efficiently.

2. Streamlining Discovery and Development Processes:

During the lead identification phase of drug discovery, rapid production allows for quick screening of large antibody libraries against targets of interest, leading to the identification of high-affinity antibodies and potential therapeutic candidates. This helps with drug development, optimizing the time required to progress from initial discovery to candidate selection.

3. Facilitating Functional and Structural Studies:

Characterization of antibody function can require high quantities of recombinant antibodies to conduct, such as determining binding affinities, epitope mapping, and characterizing antibody-mediated immune responses. Structural studies such as X-ray crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy also require purified antibodies in substantial quantities.

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