Resources Blog Biointron Receives "Top 100 Chinese Life Science Service Companies of 2023" Award!

Biointron Receives "Top 100 Chinese Life Science Service Companies of 2023" Award!

Biointron 2023-12-09 Read time: 2 mins
Biointron Receives 'Top 100 Chinese Life Science Service Companies of 2023' Award!

The 15th Chinese Healthcare Summit of Entrepreneurs, Scientists, and Investors (CHSESI) was held in Hangzhou, China.

In order to better promote the development of the life sciences sector and advance the upgrade of the innovation ecosystem, industry expert judges spent three months conducting a comprehensive survey. This research assessed Chinese life science service companies based on three dimensions: brand recognition, cost-effectiveness of cooperation, and service satisfaction. The outcome of this meticulous evaluation was the grand unveiling of the "Top 100 Chinese Life Science Service Companies" list at the conference.

Specializing in antibody expression and CRO services for antibody discovery and optimization, Biointron successfully stood out from numerous excellent and highly competitive life science service companies in China. As a result, we have been honored with the award of "Top 100 Chinese Life Science Service Companies of 2023."

Being listed among the top companies represents the industry's recognition of Biointron's capabilities in antibody expression and CRO services for antibody discovery. In the future, Biointron will continue to leverage its innovative and scientific technical advantages. Remaining steadfast in its mission as an "Accelerating Antibody Discovery", we are committed to becoming an outstanding antibody CRO in the global antibody industry, providing one-stop antibody discovery services.

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